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Luca Nemolato, is born in Naples, Italy. He is a an italian Concept Artist , CG Modeler & Texture Artist for Films, Video Games,Commercials and Tv Shows. He has professional experiences as Illustrator,Concept Artist, Modeler & Texture Artist working both in Italy and USA and he has also three years of experience as a Tattoo Artist. He is currently working at The Aaron Sims Company as Concept Artist, CG Modeler & Texture Artist from almost two years. Some of his professional works are Movies, Video Games, Tv Shows and Commercials such as : The Conjuring, Jupiter Ascending, 300:Rise of an Empire, Edge of Tomorrow, I Frankenstein Falling Skies and USDA Hungry Pests and more.

Friday, July 26, 2013

the Conjuring - Horror Doll designs

These are some of the Horror Dolls concept I did for the movie "the Conjuring" directed by James Wan. This concept is realized using just Photoshop.

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